That Ol' Service Revolver (And The Trouble It Brought)

from by Ugly Robot

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Me and my little lady have been on the run for a month
With nothin’ to our names but cash and a couple guns
Picked up a pretty little coupe during our last job
Add grand theft auto to six banks already robbed

We watch the stars on a far away hill
Using a bag of cash as a makeshift pillow
Oh lord I never hurt no one
Oh lord robbin’ banks ain’t so bad

There’s policemen on our tail and a detective named Dupree
Caught up to us in the last town, put a bullet hole in my sleeve
But we gave him the slip and now we are home free!

My little lady she’s a sweetheart ‘til the end
Can't darn a sock but goddamnit she can mend
My torn resolve, my banner hangin’ low
‘Cause it is what it is and my darlin’ makes it so

The guns are just for show, I’m a pacifist you see
Oh lord I never hurt nobody
Been dodgin' death and taxes but it's catchin’ up to me!

The bastard Dupree finally caught us nappin’
Asleep at three woke to the sound of twigs snapping
Shook my love awake, ran for my gun but I lost it
Came back to a loaded barrel and my lady held hostage

“Give it up!” said Dupree, “I don’t want any gunfire.”
With that he grabbed my mistress’ wrists and held his gun higher
You can point a gun at me but not at my little lady
My blood got to boilin’ and I started going crazy

I spotted my pistol sittin’ on a bag of money
Dupree saw where I was lookin’ and said, “Don’t try nothin’ funny.”
I looked at my love and said, "We’ll never be apart."
I grabbed my revolver and I shot him in the heart!


I lost a lot of blood darlin’ I think this is the end
I’m fadin’ fast I’m almost passed
This is something you can’t mend
Take the money and run, run as far as it’ll take you I
’m too far gone now I’m about to meet my maker

Oh lord I never meant to hurt no one.


from Ugly Robot, released June 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Ugly Robot Albuquerque, New Mexico

Music that makes you dance and laugh, unrestricted by notions of genre loyalty.

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